In response to numerous requests, we are pleased to announce the launch of our pro team.
Experienced piercers and jewelry experts will be joining us soon. They will share their journey, including their feedback about our company, and serve as a valuable model for aspiring piercers and stylists.
Our high-quality jewelry manufacturing team will bring new projects to life with the assistance of their wonderful ideas and experienced guide. We are grateful for their support and involvement in the growth of the piercing industry.
For any inquiries or concerns regarding our pro team please contact us through email at

Discover the Secrets of Success: Meet The Pros of the Industry.

Valeri Oliva
Smithtown, NY


Renee Doners
Heerlen, NL


Emily Bachmann-Meyer
Smithtown, NY


Dawn Mitchell
Alcoa, TN


Barbie Thiemann
Melbourne, AU


Chelsea Gotham
Austin, TX


Risa Wright
Blacksburg, VA

Stephanie Abel-Stylist
Akron, OH

image0 (2)1.jpg

Jess Flowers
Indianapolis, IN

Copy of Untitled Design.png

Nico Salt
Manchester, UK

image_123650291 (1)0.jpg

Amus Beasto
BC, Canada


Ian Daniels
Great Falls, MT


Kelly Virginia
Highland, IN