From our customers

“I love mushroom because of the extremely amazing quality and detail of every piece. On top of that there’s an extensive variety that me and my clients both LOVE! This brand has made so many curations for clients come to life and kept their piercings safe due to the high quality of the jewelry”  

Chelsea Gotham
Austin, TX 

I've followed mushroom body jewelry since they started around 2021. I love their gorgeous pieces and how unique a lot of their creations are. Their team is super responsive as well. All around they have been a joy to work with!

Risa Wright 
Blacksburg, VA

Mushroom continues to create unique designs that stand out amongst the rest. The textures alone are enough to contrast the rest of your cases and catch your client's eye. 

Stephanie Abel-Stylist
Akron, OH

Here at Lucky Cricket we proudly partner with MushroomBodyJewelry because they embody the essence of craftsmanship and creativity. Founded by a dynamic married couple, their journey resonates deeply with us as we, too, believe in the power of partnership and passion. MushroomBodyJewelry has helped revolutionized the industry by making high-quality gold accessible to body piercers like us, allowing us to offer our clients nothing but the best. They are also APP corporate sponsores, which is one of the first things we tend to look at when thinking about opening an account with a company. That alone shows they're complient and up to date with jewelry industry standards! 

One of the standout features we adore about MushroomBodyJewelry is their impeccable attention to detail. The finish on their jewelry is unparalleled! Their diverse range of innovative designs adds a touch of excitement to our studio's display, ensuring that our selection always captivates attention. Our clients are consistently drawn to their signature mushroom pieces, which have become a staple in our inventory and a top seller.

In essence, partnering with MushroomBodyJewelry not only elevates the aesthetic appeal of our studio but also reinforces our commitment to providing exceptional quality and unparalleled creativity to our clientele. With MushroomBodyJewelry, we're not just offering jewelry; we're offering an experience."

Dawn Mitchell 
Alcoa, TN

One of my favorite things about Mushroom is how detailed your pieces are and unique options. I’m dying to use the pretzel end! I personally don some pieces too, I have the cable chain in my septum and I have the Cottonmouth end in my lobes! You’re a drama free company with beautiful quality. It’s a big deal to me also that your ends also fit our backings and aren’t strictly “our pieces, our ends”. The pins are strong and I’ve never had an issue! And your team is also receptive and kind when answering my questions on Instagram, being attentive is a lovely quality. 

Valeri Oliva
Smithtown, NY

I fell in love with Mushroom Body Jewelry in a short time. They have strong designs and something for everyone. From beautiful solid jewelry to subtle jewelry. I quickly managed to bring this enthusiasm to our customers. This was also to be expected because the finish and quality are very high. Lots of love for this brand. May the gold be with you <3

Renee Doners
Heerlen, NL

I love mushroom because you can really tell they care about their clients! Such amazing communication, such a hugely vast selection of jewellery with competitive prices, what’s not to love ?! Incredible craftsmanship and truly a pioneer in jewellery design 

Barbie Thiemann
Melbourne, AU