New Luxury Collection

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Our entire collection is proudly crafted in the United States, ensuring exceptional quality and craftmanship. Each piece is meticulously made of 14k gold, adhering to the highest standards set by the Association of Professional Piercers (APP), guaranteeing authenticity and excellence.

 Mushroom was among the first gold companies I started carrying in 2022 and I couldn't be happier with their jewelry and customer service. My clients love their jewelry and sometimes it's hard keeping it in stock!  

Matthew Borsa
Milford Township, MI

 I LOVE MUSHROOM! What I really love about mushroom is there attention to detail, the details are so crisp and clear, other companies I’ve noticed have details that are difficult to distinguish even from a very close distance. My other favorite feature of their ends are the threadless pins, very easy to achieve a secure fit. Additionally many of the designs are absolutely unique to their brand and the ones that are universal like the tribeads are even done in a unique way. The clickers are one of a kind, I can’t say enough good things about this great company and am always excited to see their new additions!

Wayde Chisum
Arlington, VA

I have been using Mushroom Body Jewelry since they first launched and my clients love the options and quality !! I love how unique the options are. As a piercer it's a balance of things we look for when stocking a company and Mushroom covers all those things.  Fast shipping, great customer service, and a great company.

Leticia Brooks
BC, Canada

Mushroom is my favorite company for unique and whimsical shapes and designs. From horror movie characters to weapons to animals and plants, these unique pieces can really add some personality to your client’s piercings. In addition to the shapes, there are also a wide variety of classic elegant gemstone options as well. This company has a huge range of different styles for your client’s every mood.  If you’re looking for something a little outside the norm, to really give your client something distinctive to add to their jewelry collection, then look no further than Mushroom!

Their customer service is outstanding, and they are very quick to respond to any concerns or issues.

Annie Buechlein
Bloomington, IN

We here at Hexxus Studios, staff and clientele alike, love Mushroom for their unique designs, quality craftmanship, phenomenal customer service, and reasonable pricing.

 It's been so great seeing how body jewelry and piercing has evolved over the 24 years I've been piercing.

 It's so hard to make orders for stock and not grab all these pieces for ourselves!

Jennifer Simons 
ON, Canada

I love mushroom body jewelry for many reasons the quality and variety and  the amazing assortment and selection of pieces that they make. The price point of their jewelry for my clientele is also amazing and their customer service and turn around times are some of the best in the business!

Peter Deleon
Colorado Springs, CO

I was overwhelmed with joy when I found out I got approved for a partnership with Mushroom body jewelry. I love their unique design’s & their amazing customer service. They stand out from many jewelry companies with their elite craftsmanship and reasonable rates! Not only is Mushroom body jewelry one of my favorite companies it’s also many of my clients favorite jewelry company as well. 

Stockton, CA

Mushroom Body Jewelry stands out amongst so many high end jewelry companies. Their jewelry is truly unique and their craftsmanship is second to none. Whether you are looking for something simple and elegant or something that makes a statement, they have it all.

Michael Carter
Stockton, CA

I am very excited and proud to be a part of mushroom proteam. I have admired their jewelry for quite sometime now. I absolutely adore the selection especially the vast selection of spooky options. I love spooky stuff. I am also very intrigued with their attention to detail and quality in their designs. I am very excited to continue the use and use more of them especially in curations as well as being part of a cool team. 

Samantha Putorte
Edison, NJ