“I love mushroom because of the extremely amazing quality and detail of every piece. On top of that there’s an extensive variety that me and my clients both LOVE! This brand has made so many curations for clients come to life and kept their piercings safe due to the high quality of the jewelry”     

 Chelsea Gotham | Austin, TX 




I love mushroom because you can really tell they care about their clients! Such amazing communication, such a hugely vast selection of jewellery with competitive prices, what’s not to love ?! Incredible craftsmanship and truly a pioneer in jewellery design 🖤

Barbie Thiemann | Melbourne, AU




One of my favorite things about Mushroom is how detailed your pieces are and unique options. I’m dying to use the pretzel end! I personally don some pieces too, I have the cable chain in my septum and I have the Cottonmouth end in my lobes! You’re a drama free company with beautiful quality. It’s a big deal to me also that your ends also fit our backings and aren’t strictly “our pieces, our ends”. The pins are strong and I’ve never had an issue! And your team is also receptive and kind when answering my questions on Instagram, being attentive is a lovely quality. 

Valeri Oliva | Smithtown, NY




I fell in love with Mushroom Body Jewelry in a short time. They have strong designs and something for everyone. From beautiful solid jewelry to subtle jewelry. I quickly managed to bring this enthusiasm to our customers. This was also to be expected because the finish and quality are very high. Lots of love for this brand. May the gold be with you <3

Renee Doners | Heerlen, NL




Mushroom continues to create unique designs that stand out amongst the rest. The textures alone are enough to contrast the rest of your cases and catch your client's eye. 

Stephanie Abel-Stylist | Akron, OH






Here at Lucky Cricket we proudly partner with MushroomBodyJewelry because they embody the essence of craftsmanship and creativity. Founded by a dynamic married couple, their journey resonates deeply with us as we, too, believe in the power of partnership and passion. MushroomBodyJewelry has helped revolutionized the industry by making high-quality gold accessible to body piercers like us, allowing us to offer our clients nothing but the best. They are also APP corporate sponsores, which is one of the first things we tend to look at when thinking about opening an account with a company. That alone shows they're complient and up to date with jewelry industry standards! 

One of the standout features we adore about MushroomBodyJewelry is their impeccable attention to detail. The finish on their jewelry is unparalleled! Their diverse range of innovative designs adds a touch of excitement to our studio's display, ensuring that our selection always captivates attention. Our clients are consistently drawn to their signature mushroom pieces, which have become a staple in our inventory and a top seller.

In essence, partnering with MushroomBodyJewelry not only elevates the aesthetic appeal of our studio but also reinforces our commitment to providing exceptional quality and unparalleled creativity to our clientele. With MushroomBodyJewelry, we're not just offering jewelry; we're offering an experience."

Dawn Mitchell | Alcoa, TN




 I've followed mushroom body jewelry since they started around 2021. I love their gorgeous pieces and how unique a lot of their creations are. Their team is super responsive as well. All around they have been a joy to work with!

Risa Wright | Blacksburg, VA




Mushroom jewlery is one of my favorite companies to work with, their designs are absolutely flawless! The polish on each and every piece has a mirror finish and their pins are strong and easy to work with. You can tell by looking at all the little details on their pieces that they’re truly proud of the quality and work they put into each and every piece! Ever since we started carrying them in the shop I’ve been raving about them to clients! Their customer service is incredible and they’re quick to respond when needing information. I love this company so much and am looking forward to see all the new pieces they’ll be putting out in the future!

Emily Bachmann-Meyer | Smithtown, NY




Mushroom was one of the first companies I got an account with when I began stocking gold! Not only are their designs super intricate, detailed, and unique- but their customer service is always phenomenal! The fact that they are also always coming out with new pieces is a plus as well. One of my favorite things is the fact that their pieces come threadless, 16g threaded, and 14g threaded so they can be used a variety of places, including surface work. Their turnaround time, whether it be for new pieces or repairs, is always incredibly consistent; they’re one of the most dependable companies around. 

Jess Flowers | Indianapolis, IN



I initially found Mushroom Jewelry through searching for a cute mushroom piece to complete a client ear-curation, and have since fallen in love with the ever-growing collection of cute ends and hoops they have to offer.

I’m proud to be working alongside a company that shares our ethos for safe piercing and quality jewelry!

Nico Salt | Manchester, UK



One of the key highlights of my journey has been the opportunity to work with Mushroom Body Jewelry. Their dedication to quality and innovation resonates deeply with my values. Their meticulously crafted gold body jewelry not only enhances aesthetics but also prioritizes client safety and comfort—a testament to our shared commitment to excellence. 

 In 2021, I fulfilled a long-held dream by opening an eco-friendly studio, blending my passion for artistic expression with a commitment to environmental sustainability.  Together with Mushroom Body Jewelry, we’re shaping the future of body piercing with expertise, passion, and a genuine dedication to our craft.”

Amus Beasto | BC, Canada




We have been so proud to have added Mushroom jewelry to our lineup last year and try to help our clients find the perfect piece when they come in. Mushroom has such a variety from fun to elegant that our clients just love it! (The Mushroom shaped displays also get a lot of attention from everyone).

Honored to be a Mushroom Pro Team Member and look forward to all the fun on the horizon!

Ian Daniels | Great Falls, MT

 I absolutely ADORE Mushroom jewelry, each piece is has so much detail, charm and character, there’s literally a piece for everyone. The creativity that comes from them is astounding, every time I log into their site I fall in love all over again. They are so easy to communicate with, and you can tell they put so much love into each piece.

Kelly Virginia | Highland, IN



I would have never been able to achieve these goals without the help of companies like Mushroom Body Jewelry. They were one of my first gold companies and I have never once regretted the decision to move forward with safer jewelry. Mushroom has given me the opportunity to bring something to my area that no one else has done before. They gave me the opportunity to not only better myself as a piercer, but also to better the healing and satisfaction of my clients. Every piece ever recieved has been immaculate and perfect. It's easily become one of the best companies I've ever used. The fine detail and love they put into their pieces is unmatched! Everything about this company has been a dream, even down to the customer service. I'll forever carry the pieces from this amazing company. 

Shirley Walker | Biloxi, MS



 The reasons I love Mushroom Body Jewelry is their high quality and vast selection! They have things from the simplest to the most outrageous to satisfy any persons need in a piece of jewelry! The detail in their product is like none other and it’s always an honor to adorn a new piece on a happy client!

Dano ( Matt Giordano ) | Edison, NJ




 I was overjoyed when we finally got an account with Mushroom Body Jewelry! Our clients have been loving all of the incredible designs and they keep making more! I also wear several Mushroom pieces personally and get so many compliments on them. I am honored to be a part of an incredible team. 

Devon Fackelmann | Avon Lake, OH



Mushroom’s designs are fun and catch the eye of many diverse types of clients. Also, should you have any issues, they are quick to respond and eager to handle anything. They sincerely stand behind the quality of their work and support the piercers that order their jewelry.

Jonny Collins | San Diego, CA 




Mushroom Jewelry is one of my favorite companies. Mushroom excels in the uniqueness of designs and fun options and backs it with amazing customer service. Every piece ordered, has been well crafted and absolutely wonderful for my clients. I personally wear the Enamel bat ring in my septum every day and have since it was released. 

Desiree Vance | San Antonio, TX




I am a fan of mushroom body jewelry because they dare to think outside the box, make fun, playful jewelry, but with the best materials and best finish there is.

they manage to remain affordable without sacrificing quality.

Steve Drieghe | Antwerpen, BE



 I love all things dark and spooky! M.us.hroom has the coolest designs, my clients and I absolutely love being able to get blinged up with high quality gold design that allows so much self expression 



Sarah Valentine | NB, Canada




“I love the feeling of helping clients achieve their dream looks and Mushroom jewelry makes it easy to create those magical moments.

Mushroom’s designs never disappoint. The quality is always stellar, the polish is beautiful, and the whimsical, intricate, and unique designs are popular with our clientele. I am honored to have been selected for the Mushroom Pro Team and look forward to creating some beautiful art together! “

Geneva Convention | Alcoa, TN



I have always wanted to be on a Pro Team for a jewelry company and through Mushroom I was able to make that happen.

From their high polish as well as their ever evolving styles, their attention to detail and quality are top notch. 

I couldn't be more proud to represent a jewelry company.

Pinky Pierce | Winter Haven, FL



I chose to work with Mushroom body jewelry starting based on one order. Now only did I get quality jewelry, I got awesome customer service when I had questions. The people here are outstanding and the jewelry is a statement for sure! I can’t wait to see what comes next and to be able to install the jewelry for my clients!

Alexandere Peach | Kenosha, WI



Throughout my 22-year professional piercing career, I have watched jewelry manufacturing flourish and reinvent the body piercing industry. When opening my studio, I chose Mushroom Body Jewelry due to their selection of new and unique designs. I continue to carry their pieces due to the unquestionable quality and their amazing customer service. Myself, my clients and my staff love the endless variety of jewelry to choose from, and I am proud to be a Mushroom Pro Team member!

Deanna-Mae Hostland



 SkylerBlackk-731'.jpgI am beyond excited to join the Mushroom Pro Team! 

I've kept jewelry from Mushroom in stock for a while and my clients have enjoyed all of the designs.  

The high quality, unique designs, and stunning craftsmanship Mushroom offers is unmatched. I can't wait to see what’s in store for the future working with such an amazing company!

Skyler Blackk | Bear, DE



I am very excited and proud to be a part of mushroom proteam. I have admired their jewelry for quite sometime now. I absolutely adore the selection especially the vast selection of spooky options. I love spooky stuff. I am also very intrigued with their attention to detail and quality in their designs. I am very excited to continue the use and use more of them especially in curations as well as being part of a cool team. 

Samantha Putorte | Edison, NJ



Mushroom Body Jewelry stands out amongst so many high end jewelry companies. Their jewelry is truly unique and their craftsmanship is second to none. Whether you are looking for something simple and elegant or something that makes a statement, they have it all.

Michael Carter | Stockton, CA



 Mushroom was among the first gold companies I started carrying in 2022 and I couldn't be happier with their jewelry and customer service. My clients love their jewelry and sometimes it's hard keeping it in stock!  

Matthew Borsa | Milford Township, MI





image_64873271.jpg I LOVE MUSHROOM! What I really love about mushroom is there attention to detail, the details are so crisp and clear, other companies I’ve noticed have details that are difficult to distinguish even from a very close distance. My other favorite feature of their ends are the threadless pins, very easy to achieve a secure fit. Additionally many of the designs are absolutely unique to their brand and the ones that are universal like the tribeads are even done in a unique way. The clickers are one of a kind, I can’t say enough good things about this great company and am always excited to see their new additions!

Wayde Chsium | Arlington, VA




image0 (5)a.jpgI love mushroom body jewelry for many reasons the quality and variety and  the amazing assortment and selection of pieces that they make. The price point of their jewelry for my clientele is also amazing and their customer service and turn around times are some of the best in the business!

Peter Deleon | Colorado Springs, CO



1.jpgI have been using Mushroom Body Jewelry since they first launched and my clients love the options and quality !! I love how unique the options are. As a piercer it's a balance of things we look for when stocking a company and Mushroom covers all those things.  Fast shipping, great customer service, and a great company. 

Leticia Brooks | BC, Canada




I was overwhelmed with joy when I found out I got approved for a partnership with Mushroom body jewelry. I love their unique design’s & their amazing customer service. They stand out from many jewelry companies with their elite craftsmanship and reasonable rates! Not only is Mushroom body jewelry one of my favorite companies it’s also many of my clients favorite jewelry company as well. 

Ava | Stockton, CA



We here at Hexxus Studios, staff and clientele alike, love Mushroom for their unique designs, quality craftmanship, phenomenal customer service, and reasonable pricing.

 It's been so great seeing how body jewely and piercing has evolved over the 24 years I've been piercing.

 It's so hard to make orders for stock and not grab all these pieces for ourselves!

Jennifer Simons | ON, Canada



Mushroom is my favorite company for unique and whimsical shapes and designs. From horror movie characters to weapons to animals and plants, these unique pieces can really add some personality to your client’s piercings. In addition to the shapes, there are also a wide variety of classic elegant gemstone options as well. This company has a huge range of different styles for your client’s every mood.  If you’re looking for something a little outside the norm, to really give your client something distinctive to add to their jewelry collection, then look no further than Mushroom!

Their customer service is outstanding, and they are very quick to respond to any concerns or issues. 

Annie Buechlein | Bloomington, IN