From our customers

 I was overjoyed when we finally got an account with Mushroom Body Jewelry! Our clients have been loving all of the incredible designs and they keep making more! I also wear several Mushroom pieces personally and get so many compliments on them. I am honored to be a part of an incredible team. 

Devon Fackelmann
Avon Lake, OH

The reasons I love Mushroom Body Jewelry is their high quality and vast selection! They have things from the simplest to the most outrageous to satisfy any persons need in a piece of jewelry! The detail in their product is like none other and it’s always an honor to adorn a new piece on a happy client!

image_123650291 (2)lo.jpg
Dano ( Matt Giordano )
Edison, NJ

 I absolutely ADORE Mushroom jewelry, each piece is has so much detail, charm and character, there’s literally a piece for everyone. The creativity that comes from them is astounding, every time I log into their site I fall in love all over again. They are so easy to communicate with, and you can tell they put so much love into each piece.

Kelly Virginia
Highland, IN

I would have never been able to achieve these goals without the help of companies like Mushroom Body Jewelry. They were one of my first gold companies and I have never once regretted the decision to move forward with safer jewelry. Mushroom has given me the opportunity to bring something to my area that no one else has done before. They gave me the opportunity to not only better myself as a piercer, but also to better the healing and satisfaction of my clients. Every piece ever recieved has been immaculate and perfect. It's easily become one of the best companies I've ever used. The fine detail and love they put into their pieces is unmatched! Everything about this company has been a dream, even down to the customer service. I'll forever carry the pieces from this amazing company. 

Shirley Walker
Biloxi, MS

We have been so proud to have added Mushroom jewelry to our lineup last year and try to help our clients find the perfect piece when they come in. Mushroom has such a variety from fun to elegant that our clients just love it! (The Mushroom shaped displays also get a lot of attention from everyone).

Honored to be a Mushroom Pro Team Member and look forward to all the fun on the horizon!

Ian Daniels
Great Falls, MT

One of the key highlights of my journey has been the opportunity to work with Mushroom Body Jewelry. Their dedication to quality and innovation resonates deeply with my values. Their meticulously crafted gold body jewelry not only enhances aesthetics but also prioritizes client safety and comfort—a testament to our shared commitment to excellence. 

 In 2021, I fulfilled a long-held dream by opening an eco-friendly studio, blending my passion for artistic expression with a commitment to environmental sustainability.  Together with Mushroom Body Jewelry, we’re shaping the future of body piercing with expertise, passion, and a genuine dedication to our craft.”

Amus Beasto
BC, Canada

I initially found Mushroom Jewelry through searching for a cute mushroom piece to complete a client ear-curation, and have since fallen in love with the ever-growing collection of cute ends and hoops they have to offer.

I’m proud to be working alongside a company that shares our ethos for safe piercing and quality jewelry!

Nico Salt
Manchester, UK

Mushroom was one of the first companies I got an account with when I began stocking gold! Not only are their designs super intricate, detailed, and unique- but their customer service is always phenomenal! The fact that they are also always coming out with new pieces is a plus as well. One of my favorite things is the fact that their pieces come threadless, 16g threaded, and 14g threaded so they can be used a variety of places, including surface work. Their turnaround time, whether it be for new pieces or repairs, is always incredibly consistent; they’re one of the most dependable companies around. 

image0 (2)1.jpg
Jess Flowers
Indianapolis, IN

Mushroom jewlery is one of my favorite companies to work with, their designs are absolutely flawless! The polish on each and every piece has a mirror finish and their pins are strong and easy to work with. You can tell by looking at all the little details on their pieces that they’re truly proud of the quality and work they put into each and every piece! Ever since we started carrying them in the shop I’ve been raving about them to clients! Their customer service is incredible and they’re quick to respond when needing information. I love this company so much and am looking forward to see all the new pieces they’ll be putting out in the future!

Emily Bachmann-Meyer
Smithtown, NY