Annie Buechlein

   I started piercing over 25 years ago. I first fell in love with piercing when I saw Paula King pierce Alicia Silverstone’s navel in the Aerosmith music video. I was immediately obsessed and worked hard to get an apprenticeship. I apprenticed for two years and spent many more at that shop. It was definitely a “different time” back then. I went through many experiences that I’m thankful for but definitely many that I’m glad aren’t as common in the industry today. I have worked at many different shops over the years, but always knew I wanted one of my own.
    After many years and many adventures through different shops, I am now proud to be the owner of my own all female studio in Bloomington, Indiana called Crystal Moon Body Arts. Having a shop of my own was a dream I had since high school and it is truly magical to be able to share my vision with others. Not only do we carry high end jewelry, but we focus on client care, making sure they have a great experience, and the overall “vibes”. It’s decorated in Gothic/Witchy/Horror moody maximalism style, which I totally love. My shop also has an area with gothic apparel, books, witchcraft supplies, candles, enamel pins, and local artisan made goods.
   My favorite thing about piercing is the boost of self confidence that my clients get when they see their new piercing for the first time. I see body piercing as a form of healing and self-care and I love being able to give that to my clients. I love taking care of my clients, listening to them talk about their problems or personal issues, and helping them do something to make themselves feel good. Piercing isn’t just a job to me, it’s a gift that I can share.

Studio Name: Crystal Moon Body Arts

Instagram: @annietheimpaler