Deanna-Mae Hostland

My name is Deanna-Mae but, everyone calls me Dee. My interest in body modifications and an alternative style was sparked at a young age after seeing a chest tattoo my aunt had gotten. By 14 I had pierced my own nose with a safety pin and by 20 I decided to try to find a place for myself in the body piercing industry. I moved from my hometown in Saskatchewan to Calgary
determined to find a piercing apprenticeship. Twenty-two years and 3 studios later, I now have my own studio, Coven Body Arts. I perform all body piercings as well as scarification but, specialize in genital piercings and children’s ear piercings. I live my life for my work and my clients and I love nothing more than to make someone feel comfortable in their own skin. The art of self-expression through body piercing, jewelry and scarification has allowed my clients and I to discover our own unique and modified selves.

Studio Name: Coven Body Arts

Instagram: @mysdefy666 @covenbodyarts