Jennifer Simons

Born and raised in Northern Ontario Canada, my name may be Jenni Simons, but most people know me as Jenni1Punch.

I fell in love with body modification early in life, started piercing at about 17 years old and honestly I have never looked back.
If I'm not at home with family or at the gym, I am at my studio that actually just recently hit 4 years old!

In the 24 years I've been piercing, I have built quite a large client base from locals down the street to people who travel to see me from hours away, it is important to me to always strive to provide the best service and products possible in order to do right by my clientele.

That includes continuing my education wherever I can and carrying jewelry from companies like Mushroom that not only has an amazing and well priced selection of unique pieces but also as absolutely incredible customer support/service.

Stoked to be part of the Mushroom Pro Team 😊

Studio Name: Hexxus Studios

Instagram: @Jenni1punch , @Hexxusstudios