Samantha Putorte

I have been at my piercing journey for 16 years this year. It’s been one heck of a journey. I can’t say it was easy, but it was and is still worth every second spent. I still have many goals to reach. My biggest goal reach was beginning my position at Black Moon Piercing and joining the APP. I started a long time ago using the basics of the basics externally threaded steel and steel Cbr . We all start somewhere. No here I am adorning people with fine jewelry, having the support of my family at Black Moon And many other piercers I have met along the way. Piercing believe it or not wasn’t on my list at first. I wanted to be a cook and a hairdresser. Imagine that?! One day I decided to read about the history of piercing and I was so fascinated I pierced my little brother. From there it was friends. Next my apprenticeship. Little did I know that would be the beginning of a whole career a whole world. To this day I absolutely love what I do. The connections I get to make with the people that walk in the door and trust me to decorate them and make them feel good about themselves. The smile at the end does it for me. Sometimes it’s emotional but I’m glad it’s me being a part of that experience. I love that after 16 years I still learn new things everyday. It’s important to do so. Well enough about me the sky is the limit so they say. I’m happy to be here!

Studio Name: Black Moon Piercing

Instagram: @piercer_sami